Helping The others Realize The Advantages Of Flat Earth

Rayn Gryphon:  is often a YouTuber and blogger who joined IFERS and posted nothing but large, convoluted, long-winded, semi-pertinent duplicate/pastes from his blogs into many threads, and when incredibly politely questioned not to take action, and asked to write with better clarity and simplicity so we could recognize him, he refused and was So banned. Soon after his banishment he commenced creating every day videos about IFERS, how offended He's, and turning his banishment right into a enormous cleaning soap opera drama where he falsely claims he was "harassed, assaulted, bullied, overwhelmed, harmed, hurt, mentally abused" and my favourite, "gang-stalked" by us, proclaiming we committed "violence" towards him which he is psychologically venting by making infinite videos with flat Earth keywords and phrases.

Adore your perform mate. Major fucking shit. Im about to do an experiment on encounter ebook. I don't have any mates on Fb as at todays day 24 Sep 2015.

* Observe: for the moment let's set apart that global finance disregards pure limitations to progress. Also, put aside the seeming idolatrous nature of this system .

Like they say, you will know you might be around the goal when you get probably the most flak. I am sorry to hear about Max Igan. I like Max. As for The remainder, thanks for exposing, and carrying out the many homework. Also, many thanks for maintaining the peddle down on Masonry and Jewry.

I find it annoying due to the fact all this Electrical power is utilised up concentrate on authentic congruence and don't get weighed down with colluding on these reduce vibrational levels

This is really disappointing, I´d like to give Powerland a margin and see How can it all evolve, shills and desinfo brokers come out with their shit if they´ve obtained a larger audience. Good luck to all of us, This is certainly the most important conspiracy of all and has not even yet started off.

for me the selecting component on whos a shill or not, comes from the postings,if they aren't zetetic.. They're pie while in the sky.

SHills or not, they are aiding you like it or not. Mark is who i found, and I had been interested, not likely by what he reported, 35click here nevertheless the footage on the air balloon and these, which proved extra then anything at all he basically said, Consequently I started hunting... and below i am.

A great deal of them would present the 33 degree insignia as well as other masonic regalia, and in many cases mention the selection 66 between talks to opening Display screen their 'disinfo' carry out for their brethren to see. You are aware of that you are getting way too close to the reality when you are remaining followed or remaining redirected like Mark and other 'fellow' flat earth theorists to choose from. Not to convey snooze with a person eye open up, but indeed be vigilant.

form of The full mixing real truth with blatant falsehood to discredit flat earth I assume. brazenly pharisee Hence the motives are clear.

Who talks only about FE and refuses to mention a foul term about any of his "peers" regardless of what they simply call him, and who writes total essays regarding the perceived faults of his fellow scientists? To me this is extremely telling.

  On signing up for IFERS I gave him my genuine viewpoint of his videos, which apparently he didn't value simply because the following day he produced the silliest shilliest video of all time proclaiming that i'm essentially David Wilcox!

the schill attack results in alot of fine people today, which include in these remarks, and friends i have, to be banned with the IFERS board for generating casual reviews - this is the tactic of the schills - "to lead to so much difficulties" that even non-schills get banned and discourage them.

People considering anymore Perception into some other standpoint but Eric's regarding the abnormal psychology we have inherited approximately any predatory dogma (such as the ball Earth) can feel free to look me up.

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